Sunday July 20th Kelley Mickwee at Shiner Summer Songwiter Series



Today! Sunday July 20th we have Kelley Mickwee and Jade Patek on the songwriter stage! Jade starts about 4ish (that means this is a laid back venue) and Kelley starts about 6pm. Join these lovely ladies for an afternoon of great music at the Bill Pekar & The Rainey Brothers “World Head Quarters” also known as Howard’s!Next week Carol and Howard said they need a day off so no music on 7/27…BUT on Sunday 8/3 we bring in a great talent, Kyle Hutton who hosts top shelf songwriter events over at Dosey Doe in the Houston area! Damon Curtis opens up the show on Sunday Aug. 3rd. Join us if you can! Remember visit our friends at Shiner Chamber of Commerce if you need a place to lay your head for the night…..they have all the lodging info in one convenient site.


Shiner Summer Songwriter Series (Sunday July 20th). Kelley Mickee starts about 6pm. Jade Patek starts about 4pm. Join us if you can….no cover charge…bring the family! If you are looking to spend the day and overnight please visit our friends at the Shiner Chamber of Commerce for lodging info at

 Kelley Mickwee Flyer




Shiner Summer Songwriter Series


Summertime is here babe… need something to keep you cool…..Yes, Howard has Blue Bell Ice Cream too…

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Bill Pekar & Skip Brown Song is a Texas Top 100 Tunes

The “Colors Are All The Same” made the Texas Top 100 tunes!DFW top 100 songs

Congratulations to Bill Pekar & Skip Brown songwriters of the tune! Some journalists from the Dallas/Fort Worth area seemed to be getting cabin fever after a recent cold snap and compiled this list Top Texas Tunes.

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What is so special about this list?

It crosses decades of music and genres!